IFSER is proud to collaborate with organizations that participate in international ultrasound outreach efforts. Our goal is to provide quality education and resources to both domestic and international sonography educators.  It is our hope that the lives of those in developing countries will be improved by receiving educational resources such as supplies, book donations and web based tutorials.


Monetary donations are welcome to assist with grants, supplies, and overseas shipping costs.  Please donate today using the link below.


Every year IFSER will provide financial support for a selected international outreach advocate who is interested in traveling abroad to offer ultrasound education in developing countries.  After completing and submitting an application, IFSER will choose an individual that meets the requirements and best matches the needs of a specific organization and country. 



Becca on her trip to Africa

"This past March, I was blessed to travel to Douala, Cameroon, a country along the west coast of Central Africa, with IFSER and MercyShips. The partnership was created to help with MercyShips’ Medical Capacity Building program in which they teach skills to local medical professionals. Designed for emergency and other hospital physicians, the 7-day course covered F.A.S.T., Point-of-Care, Abdominal, Pelvic, Vascular, and basic Echocardiography. I joined sonographer Brandie Bach in teaching 13 of Douala’s most eager doctors. Some travelled hours each day to practice their ultrasound skills! The culmination of the course was witnessing these students apply each of the skills learned over the week in the local hospital using donated machines and cleaning supplies. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I was given as the International Outreach Advocate for 2018! I hope to participate in many more such endeavors in the future."


Each year an individual or organization with a demonstrated commitment to international ultrasound education will be selected to receive an honorarium award.  The award will be presented at the annual IFSER Ultrasound Educator’s Summit.

2018 HUMANITARIAN SERVICE AWARD:   NYAGI (Now You Are the Groups Interest)

2018 nyagi

Dr. Cliff Gronseth

"The NYAGI team and I are honored to receive the 2018 IFSER Humanitarian Award. This award is a tribute to not just to the NYAGI team, but all of those who have assisted in the success of the NYAGI Project. NYAGI stands for: Now You Are the Group’s Interest. NYAGI is a name for that woman, man, and child in desperate need of medical care in remote areas of the world. I started this organization years ago unaware of the journey it would become and the people I would meet. From the beginning, our mission has always been “Saving Lives with Ultrasound... Together.” Our work is only possible with the collaboration of the dedicated individuals and organizations who have shared their wisdom, time and technology to make things happen. It humbles me to think of how many lives we can collectively save by sharing the power of ultrasound. To us, ultrasound is a wonderful diagnostic tool, but to those in remote villages it's a crystal ball. It's the chance to live. This is why we do what we do. And we are just getting started. Together, we can do great things! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” With deep appreciation,

Dr. Cliff Gronseth Founder NYAGI www.nyagi.org


IFSER hopes to be a leader in providing web-based education for developing countries or facilities that may have limited sonography education resources.  These lectures will be available through our valued partnership with the Pan American Health Organization.  Stay tuned for information about upcoming webinars! 


Finally, we are proud of the relationships we have developed with the following organizations that are leaders in international ultrasound education.  Click on their logos to visit their websites.  We look forward to further collaborations in the future!