Are you a student in a Diagnostic Medical Sonography program?  If so, you may qualify for the Annual IFSER Scholarship.

Scholarship Mission:

The International Foundation for Sonography Education and Research, (IFSER), is dedicated to improving access to quality education and information for the global diagnostic ultrasound community.


JUNE 1, 2018

Are you a student in an accredited Ultrasound program? Are you in good standing and have you completed at least two semesters? If so you may qualify for the annual IFSER Scholarship. 

IFSER is dedicated to improving access to quality education and information for the Global Diagnostic Ultrasound Community.  We also want to nurture and support ultrasound students and instill the passion for education globally by providing 2 scholarships annually to qualified applicants as follows:

          1. A $1000.00  scholarship award to a USA STUDENT. 

         2. A $1000.00 scholarship award to an INTERNATIONAL STUDENT.

Disclaimer:  All applications are subject to specific qualification and availability of funds.        

June 1, 2018 is the deadline!

To begin the process you must complete:   1. Scholarship Guidelines and Policies AND 2. Online Application of all areas that apply .  Please follow the directions carefully on both documents below or you will not be eligible.  All documents must be scanned and emailed to

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Scholarship Guidelines and Policies


Online Scholarship Application


Questions/Contact Info: 

Phone:  520 300-2222 or email:



Mallory Motal

Words cannot express how grateful I am to be this year’s IFSER scholarship recipient. Becoming a sonographer is not accomplished without hard work and dedication, and I am inspired every day by this devoted and knowledgeable community. Graduation is fast approaching, as well as the SPI exams, and by receiving this scholarship my financial burden has been lightened allowing me to focus my full attention on school.



I want to express my appreciation to the scholarship committee for choosing me as a recipient of your award. I am currently enrolled in my second (and final) year of pediatric echocardiography. I was born with a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot and I have had two open heart surgeries. I have had an echocardiogram once a year my whole life. When I was a child, the technician usually put a cartoon on TV for me to pass the time during the procedure; however, I was always more interested in the ultrasound machine itself. As I grew older, I was blessed to have techs who would briefly explain themselves as they took their pictures. I’ve always wanted to help people in any way I can, and when I was in high school, I had a “eureka moment.” I realized that I could combine my passions: learning to operate the ultrasound machine that always fascinated me, and helping people – specifically the hundreds of children who are born and grow up with heart defects. My deepest desire is to travel worldwide and train staff at local hospitals to screen children for heart defects using echocardiography. I believe every child deserves a chance. Thank you, again, for helping me to pursue my calling.

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